(WIP) Maestia Mage: Cereal!

3 Oct

It’s been a while since I made a fan art!.. Too lazy to open Photoshop so I used SAI instead (freemium program!)..

Compilation of WIP: (Continuation of WIP after a looooooong coffee break)

Typically, I use the ‘pencil brush’ for sketching.. I love the paper & pencil feel 😀

NEW: Sketch 9 & 10

Sketch 1 – Maestia Mage “Cereal”

moving on.. “Cereal” is my IGN on Maestia

Sketch 2: Maestia Mage “Cereal”

Sketch 3: Maestia Mage “Cereal”

Usually I start rendering the ‘eyes’ first.

Sketch 4: Maestia Mage “Cereal”

Sketch 5: Maestia Mage “Cereal”

Sketch 6 : Maestia Mage Cereal

Sketch 7 : Maestia Mage Cereal

Sketch 8 : Maestia Mage Cereal

Sketch 9 : Maestia Mage ‘Cereal’

Sketch 10 : Maestia Mage Cereal


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